Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MORE.... pictures!!

This may be the most blogs that I've posted in a week in my blogging history. I just have so many pictures!! Having a baby means new pictures every day and I just can't wait to show them ( and all my babies) off. Not to mention I have to try and get a picture of each of the girls in all of their cute outfits ( which is like every one!). So here are some more pictures of Emma and a few of Lakin and Gavin, too.
Doesn't he look soooooo.... serious? Mario Super Sluggers takes an awful lot of focus!

Today we are on day three of green beans. It's actually going better than I thought it would after the first day. She didn't like them at all!! The first pictures are from day one. The very first one is as close as I got to a " yuck face". Yesterday, at lunch, we had another lock jaw incident after the first few bites. Dinner, though, turned out a little better. After the initial " what is this crap" reaction, and a little nudging ( okay, I force fed her a few bites) from me, she decided it wasn't to bad and ate up! Lunch time today didn't even get that first "ick" response, and she ate half the container! I was able to get a yuck face out of her yesterday afternoon, though! They are a little blurry because it is kind of hard to feed and take the pictures, but they get her point across.

Here are the ones from yesterday. I was SO excited that she finally made " the face!" I have been looking forward to it since the first bite of carrots!

On to Lakin. Here are a couple of pictures before school yesterday. She's getting really difficult to take a picture of! She just doesn't sit still! She always puts her hands in her mouth, too... ALWAYS!! Oh well, they are still cute because they are of my beautiful little Lakin.
You can't really see them, but her jeans are SO freakin cute!! I ordered them this summer and stuck them in her closet and forgot about them. They were buried behind all of her other never worn clothes. I LOVE them! They are my favorite of all her pants. She will wear them every day.... okay, she won't, but I LOVE them!

These pictures are from yesterday evening. Apparently, a girl at her school had a bow in her hair yesterday and Lakin wanted to know why SHE didn't have any bows. I explained to her that I don't buy cute things like that because she won't wear them, but she doesn't understand. Luckly for me, I had some that I bought when she didn't really have an opinion on what she put in her hair. I guess they aren't really bows, they are actually " fruffles" from Gymboree ( I think that's what they are called), but they stopped a meltdown moment, so that's what matters. Sticking with typical Lakin style, it was all or nothing. So she is wearing 6 fruffles, 3 on each side. Then of course she demanded that I take her picture. Silly girl! Actually, two of them are actual bow barrettes....

I suppose you are wondering what exactly this is..... Lakin must be needing a friend.:( I came into her room the other day and found this on her floor. She emptied her drawers and made a one handed person out of her skirts, shorts, leggings, balle slippers and play shirts. These are all piled on top of each other.... she must have worked pretty hard on this, she was pretty proud of herself.

And this....... with this financial crises that we are in, we decided we couldn't afford to pay our usual guy to mow our lawn anymore.... we had to hire someone else. The plus... if things get really bad, he can always be dinner:) Yes, that's a cow in my yard. I'm getting pretty used to it, actually.

urgggghhh....... I really have to figure out how to delete on here,,, these two are just repeat pictures

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. this is the funniest blog yet. the cow picture is better on here than the one you sent me! so funny! i'm about to call you right now. that little creation of lakins was hilarious! i'm seriously crying right now. little kids... so darn imaginative and CUTE! btw those bows are UGLY :) Lakin looks about 7 years old in those pictures!!!