Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Fall Pictures

I took the kids out after Gavin got home and it got cloudy out ( so Emma didn't have to be a mini Josh) and took some more pictures. Emma did good and I got a few cute pictures of her, but the other kids just didn't want to cooperate ( surprise, surprise). So most of them are of Emma, but that's okay. You can't really tell, but she wasn't feeling well. Her poor little eyes are so red and swollen. They are leaking really bad, and have little rashes under them both. Poor baby! Yesterday morning, both of her eyes were compleatly sealed shut:( I'm bringing her to the doctor later today, but I'm sure that they will tell me there is nothing thay can do for her. I'm more worried about her cough. She's had it for over a week, and it's just not going away. Poor baby!


Anonymous said...

I can not belevie how big all three of the kids are getting. I think that you need to go and take some classes to start taking pictures professionally--Love Rachel

Anonymous said...

Lakin's "cheese" is too freaking cute!! :)