Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch!!

Okay, so I have a lot of pictures to post. There are just so many that I love, I couldn't choose just a few, so I just picked all of them! ( well, not ALL of them) Vern and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Of course, I was sick and felt terrible and would have rescheduled if I could have. Unfortunately, the tickets are non-refundable, so I sucked it up. We decided to try a new one this year and I was just dying to take the kids on a train ride. You actually go to the transportation museum in Noblesville and take a train ride to a pumpkin patch and then back. I was SO excited! Oh yeah, the kids were, too:) The train ride was fun and the kids LOVED it. They were so excited when it started moving, I wish I would have had a video camera! It was a pretty short ride 10-15 minutes, but I think that was enough, especially since there were lots of not so happy little kids riding with us. When we pulled up to the pumpkin patch, however, I was a little disappointed.... okay, a lot disappointed. It was basically just a strip of field next to the tracks with pumpkins growing and a tent set up. Oh, they did have porta pots:) Normally, I would be " let's make the most of it" chipper, but I felt like crap and just thought it sucked! It really wasn't all that bad, but like I said, my illness was getting in the way of my usual chirpy self. Anyway, we get off the train and all of the kids get a balloon.... Lakin looses hers right away. Luckily, they let us have another. Of course Vern became the "holder of the balloons", and eventually let them go... shh!! We walked down to the "petting zoo" which consisted of a baby cow, a pig that you couldn't touch, some chickens and a rabbit. They had a straw maze that was definitely designed for smaller kids, Lakin figured it out on the first try. Not surprisingly, that's what Gavin and Dawson wanted to do the whole time:) Then we tried " face painting" which was high school girls ( the pumpkin patch was done by the local FFA) who must have failed art class, drawing with markers. But at least it was all free ( the zoo , face painting and maze). I was really feelin like I was experiencing a case of SEVERE PMS, so I just wasn't feeling the fun through the kids like I usually do. The crowds were really getting on my nerves and it wasn't even very crowded! After face painting we let the kids choose a pumpkin. I got a few good pictures and a few laughs during this. For some reason, Lakin would pick up a pumpkin and then just throw it on the ground and choose another. She did this repeatedly. Oops! Sorry about all the broken pumpkins! Then Vern took the kids up into the trains (engine?) driving spot and they got to see how it worked and Dawson got to pull the whistle. Again, I got a few good pictures. Then they "painted" their pumpkins with markers and we bought them and loaded back on the train. By this time Gavin was in full foul mode. He whined and pouted ( along with yours truly) all the way back to the train station. I was so busy wishing we could have went on another weekend, I don't even know what he was whining about. After we left, I was really thirsty and according to the kids, so were they, so we stopped at the gas station. Gavin miraculously became un-thirsty and chose a toy instead ( that cost $4!) which broke before we even got back on the interstate. This of course meant listening to him all the way to mom's and all the way home, whine about wanting us to go back and get him a new toy. Right, we jumped right on it. We got a nice healthy dinner of McDonald's for the kids and Arby's for the adults and then came home. Man! I was SO tired! I really wish I could have enjoyed it more. The kids had fun and that's what matters. That's usually enough, but like I said, I just wasn't feeling like myself yesterday. Everyone's granted a bad day here and there, right? We decided that next year, we are going to go back to the one in Illinois, it was definitely more fun, plus we don't have to pay for train tickets:) Once on the train was enough, I think, even though they do a Polar Express thing in the winter that would be really neat! Enjoy the many many pictures from our trip!!

If you look real close, you can see Vern and the kids. Gavin is actually in the front, running. They don't look quite so small on the normal size picture.

Vern taking the kids to explore the trains before getting on ours. I actually had to go in search of them because they were taking to long! We should have got there earlier, so they could have spent more time looking.For some reason, they both look SO grown up herewaiting for take off! ( or whatever you call the start of a train ride)Oh! It's starting to move!We're moving!!!choo! choo!She really likes this face now when she sees the camerawatching the sceneary...... Gavin deciding on a pumpkin
see what I mean by small straw maze???This is the pumpkin patch pouting because I wnated to take her picture... you would think she'd be used to it!Doesn't she match perfectly with the pumpkins?
Lakin's "painted" pumpkin

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for some reason there's a really big space between the end of your pics and where you leave a comment, it took me like 5 min to find it. you take such good pics!!! you even managed to get a couple with yourself in them, yay!! :) that sucks we didnt end up at the same pumpkin patch. ours was way better though ;) maybe next yr... ok well i'm going to go to some more baby stuff, since she's coming home friday, yayayayayayayayayay!!! ps how was heathers baby shower? hope she got lots of goodies!!!! :)