Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine didn't go exactly as planned, but it turned out okay. I was supposed to be having a garage sale with Jami on Saturday because it was her community sale, but my husband bailed out on babysitting duty and worked. I could have brought the older kids but wouldn't have been able to do anything with Emma, not to mention that both of the girls are still sick and since Ava came home on Friday ( yeah!!), we didn't want to share our germs with her. So now I have to move everything back to my barn... what fun. So instead, when Vern came home for a " break", Lakin and I went to Cooper's and bought some pumpkins since all we got were little ones at the pumpkin patch. Sunday we carved pumpkins and I didn't get a whole lot of pictures because I was doing most of the carving and Vern was delegated to "goo duty", cleaning out the insides. But I got a few. I didn't get my scarecrow built because Vern never went and got me more hay, but hopefully one day this week. We have a scarecrow every year! We got the pumpkins all carved and they looked wonderful ( except for Emma's, it may be the scarecrow's head). Then we got some pictures outside after it got dark enough to light the candles. The kids were SO excited!! Emma isn't in these pictures because she goes to bed at 8:00, I'll have to try to get some of her tonight before she lays down. Anyway, the kids are very proud of their work and Gavin even made me light the pumpkins again this a.m. so the bus people could see them:)

Yes, I know she's not wearing socks. It's her dad's fault. He said he looked "everywhere" for them and couldn't find them. Everywhere, apparently, but the dresser!
This is an original Gavin creation. He even did part of the carving. Poor pumpkin's missing half of the back of it's head!This is Lakin's

I know, it's blurry. Without a tripod it's almost impossible to get a night time photo with no blur, and I wasn't going back in for the tripod. It was FREEZING out there!


Anonymous said...

oh I love it they are getting so big pretty soon they will be teenagers like mine lol

Talina said...

Wow that is some great Halloween deco work! We don't have any kiddos yet so we don't get to do that fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkins!! :)