Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More of our Randoms

Just my usual assortment of random pictures from our everyday :) Look real close at Emma's boots..... she actually wore them out of the house even though they are 5 sizes to big for her. Sadly, they fell off while she climbed into her carseat. :)

One from tree decorating I forgot to post. She really did try real hard to walk around like this for awhile...she gave up after falling about 5 or 6 times :)

She's obviously mad about something here.....actually, this is a pretty normal face for miss Grace :) :)

watching those balls move through those tubes can be pretty cool!

Ha!!!! I mean, obviously I couldn't resist this one!!!

This dress has certainly had it's use since the wedding...even Emma tried it out but realized she couldn't really walk :)

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