Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lakin's first snow

Unfortunately, it's that time of year again....winter..blech!!! Fortunately, at least one of my children LOVE it!! Lakin was so excited when we had enough snow to actually walk in...she couldn't wait to get out in it. Since our wonderful highway dept. was unprepared like usual, she missed school. 243 was pretty much a solid sheet of ice. She didn't have a snow suit, but that has never stopped her before and didn't this year, either. She was only out long enough for her nose to tun pink and her ears to get cold, but I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her out in her so, so, so cute coat and her fave-o-rite black shiny boots!! Now if only I could find a hat and gloves that matched she would be picture perfect!!!

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