Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lakin's Christmas Program

Lakin was pretty excited about her Christmas program this year. Of course as soon as she walked in she had to say " mama..dada...". Reverting to baby talk is normal for Lakin ;) Vern was videotapeing it, but apparently hit the button twice, so he wasn't recording anything. By the time he realized this, he had missed the part of Emma making making noise in the quiet and Lakin telling everyone " that was just my baby sister " !! :) The one thing I really wanted on camera!!! :( All of the kids were adorable and did a great job.....I'll miss these programs....and...sob....this is her last year of...sob.....preschool :( :(getting ready for her part in the Merry Christmas recital... and there she goes... " M is for good mince meat..."

She was the black Kwanza candle, which stands for something, but I can't remember what

Silent night......Laying down her sweet head :)

Her grand entrance!

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