Friday, June 27, 2008

Marley Gums...

So I'm awake, and it's exactly 12:58 a.m. But I'm awake because of a dog, not because of the baby. A dog who at the moment is trying to climb up Lakin ( who slept in the living room with dawson) and is now attacking and eating my flip flop. Now my pants... H slept for about 2 hours ( now my tickles!!!) then started to cry. I got up to take him out, but I always have a fear a coyote is going to try to come and eat me, so that only lasted a few minutes ( now my right hand). So I came in and put him on a puppy pad instead, but he just tried to eat it, surprise, surprise. ( my pants again) I realize I shouldn't be playing with him, I should have taken him out and put him ( my toes) right back in his cage, but I tried it and he cried. So I let him stay up to play for a little while. Bad habits already? ( TICKLE!!!!!) About Marley Gums..... Tracy called today, well yesterday I guess, and asked if I wanted a puppy. Some MExicans dropped him off, said they were taking him to the pound if nobody wanted him. Tracy to puppy rescue!! Anyway, after I saw his pictures, I had to at least give it a try. The spanish-american people told Tracy that he was a Maltese and 4 wks old. Awww... a little baby!! I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I figured if it got to hard, we'd just find him a new home. The kids LOVE him, especially Dawson. He now wants to live here, actually. My darlings are driving me crazy, the poor dog can't walk without one of them picking him up or stopping in front of him ( keeps running off before mentioned puppy pad), but Dawson is doing really good with him... he even got peed on and didn't freak!! ( it's now 1:13, and still full of energy!) ( My toes!!!!!) I don't think he's really 4wks., with the way he's running around and playing, he seems a lot older. He's doing the but wiglgle before he attacks something!!!! To cute!! I'm going to try and get him into the vet at the beginning of next week, so they can tell me how old, and if they think he's full Maltese ( or Maltese at all??), just a general check-up. He seems healthy, though. He doesn't stink and acts like a puppy should, eating can food and drinking water, eating instead of peeing on the puppy pad, chewing on toys and shoes.. all those puppy things puppy's do. Anyone know what a Maltese pup looks like??? ( Checking out the kitchen..gettin brave!!) ( oh, he's back) ( climbing on Lakin's head again...) Oops... potty on the floor.. of course not on the pad I just sat him on. At least it's about the size of a dime. If your wondering about the name, Lakin wanted to name him Gums ( I have no idea where that came from), but Dawson and I came up with Marley and Gavin was okay with it, so we settled on Marley Gums (eating paper again). Anyway, just thought since I was awake anyway, that I would blog about the possible permanent member of our family...ooh, looks like he's finally getting tired.. time to go back in his cage!! Bye bye for now!! ( it's now 1:25 a.m.)

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Anonymous said...

he's so darn cute! i can't wait to me mr. gums today!!! he looks maltese to me in some pictures but others he looks like he's gotta a little mix in him, mexican maybe? he does look chiuaua like in the picture of him dawson and gavin. i agree he's deff older than 4 weeks old!!!