Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Back.......

OMG!!!! To be without Internet for 2 weeks, only to have it dangled in front of you and taken back away..... let me tell ya, it's been hell! Just awful, don't try it. Our modem went ka-pluey again, so we decided to just get a new stinking computer. So it comes last night and I'm SOOO excited! I hook it all up by myself ( I'm so proud), and immediately hook up the Internet and sign on. I missed it so much!! I only had 843 e-mails, not to many, really. Everything was working wonderfully. I was so tired though, I only spent about 30 minutes on-line. This morning, I sign right back on, but it wasn't working!! SHIT! I could still read and send e-mail, but wasn't able to bring up any web pages, my blog specifically. WTF????? I have been so deeply angry all day, I wasn't very excited about my new computer any longer ( not to mention this VISTA sucks!). I just got off the phone about 20 minutes ago with DELL, after spending about an hour with AOL ( and dealing with a very unhappy, very LOUD Emma), and was finally able to open my blog!! The man told me congratulations, I was so excited!!! But of course, I can't be happy with the fact that I have to open it through Internet explorer instead of AOL like I'm used to, so I decide to try AOL.... no luck. I go back to I.E. and guess what, it doesn't work either....shoot me please, I almost cried! So I went through all of the steps DELL had me go through and it worked again, but I'm sure by tomorrow it won't any longer. Nothing can ever be easy. In the mean time... I wanted to try and upload a few pictures, just to see if it would work, the one of Emma did, isn't it cute???? I will be putting about a hundred pictures up in the next day or so, you all have missed out on so many photo ops in the past two weeks!! I have so much catching up to do!! So expect lots of e-mails and LOTS of pictures!!!!

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