Thursday, June 26, 2008

Garage sale V.W. Bug....

Mom and I went (well we tried anyway), to go garage sale-in this weekend. Mostly it was a bust, there weren't really that many sales, and with all three of my wonderful ,very pleasant, very happy, content children along with us, it just wasn't as fun as it could have been. But I guess other than the " I'm hungry" "i'm thirsty" " I want a toy" " I'm ready to leave" " waa waa waa waa", it wasn't to bad. We did find the buy of the day, which is this little blue volkswagon beetle powerwheels. Yes, it's a little beat up, looks pretty rough, kinda looks like it came from the wrong side of the power wheels track, but it just made Lakin's day!! For 30 dollars, you can't beat it! The battery is sorta ill, but nothing a new one can't fix. She just can't get enough ( of the full 30-45min. before the battery dies) of having Gavin drive her all around the yard. Or in today's case, Dawson driving all of them around. It's turned out even better than I thought because the boys love it, too!! Since Lakin can't seem to understand the concept of LEAVING her foot on the gas pedal, she doesn't get very far very fast. Just a lot of jerky starts and stops. But, lucky for her she has her own little personal chaufers. To cute!! Sometimes it's amazing how something from a garage sale can make your child so happy, which in turn makes me happy!! Now hopefully it will just last until Emma gets a turn at it, then we won't have to buy one for her.

Just in case I haven't talked to you, our 4th of July party is on the 5th. We are starting the food about 5:00, but you can come anytime. I'm asking everyone to bring some sort of dish or food and a 2-liter or 12 pack of a drink, to help save on our beverage costs. We will provide the main course food and the entertainment!!! Oh yeah, if you want alcohol, bring your own. I'm sure we will have some, but not enough for everyone. This means you Jami..... I know how you'll try to sneak all my alcohol!!! J/K I hope to see you all there!!! It will be fun, fun, fun!!!!

Also... my bi-opsy results came back in the yuck ( I'm not sure what they call it, not good?). I go in for my LEAP on the 8th, which I'm sure is going to hurt like hell, but I'm super woman!!! Anyway, there is a good chance that this will take care of the problem, by cutting out all of the bad cells. As long as they don't come back, we are in the clear!! So other than more than average paps ( can't wait!!), hopefully all will be better.

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