Saturday, June 7, 2008

General News 6-7-08

Is everyone having a good weekend?? Anybodies home float away? It turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon, though. I have another B-day party to go to tomorrow, then no more ( kids anyway) until September! Anyway, not sure if I wrote ( think I did) that my 6wk checkup pap came back abnormal again. I went in Thursday for another coco-thingy (one day I'll learn the name!), and ol' Clark ended up having to do a bi-opsy. He took small ( no bigger than the tip of a pen) samples from three different spots. Now we just have to wait.. again. The tests should be back in about a week. Basically, if these come back in the high category ( which he seems to think is a good chance), then I'll come back in and get a LEAP done. That stands for some big word, but is basically just going in with a heated piece of metal and cutting out a large chunk of my cervix. From there I'm not sure what happens. He said by doing that, it may be enough to cure the problem, by cutting out all the bad cells, but maybe not. Another wait and see thing. I bet that's gonna hurt REAL bad!! They numb your cervix for that, at least. The biopsy wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just a lot of cramping, during and after. Oh, and cervix falling out of me!!! So other than having to go back to a stupid pad again ( nothing in for at least 4 weeks), and coffee ground like substances falling out, not nearly as bad as what I thought. I'll let you know when I get the call.

We are having a 4th of July party again this year, on the 5th. Mark your calendars!! Everyone bring a dish, I don't care what, surprise me! Same ol' food, dogs, burgers, brats, ham & beans... bring chairs and your own alcohol, even though I'm sure we'll have something. We'll start cooking around 4, but you can come at anytime, you just might get put to work with food prep!! It's a Saturday, so no work the next day!! Oh bring cameras, and plan on giving me copys!!!

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