Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something's Missing

And I dont mean her smile...

It finally finally fell out....we finally have a hole. This tooth was loose for SO long...when it  fell ( or was..ahem...pushed) out, there was actually part of her gum that had grown down...ummmm..weird...I know. This child refused to let us come anywhere near her mouth and screamed when I brushed.  Needless to say, it was getting a little ridiculous and she said it was hurting.  One night, while brushing, it started to bleed, so I convinced her I HAD to brush the blood away...and... I may have shoved that tooth right out.  She cried for a second until I showed her what happened and then she had THE BIGGEST...toothless grin! Yay!!! and yesterday....she showed me her other one is all begins again :) Hopefully I can get the next one out before this one starts to grow back in...maybe it will help get those teeth in straight!!! A mom can hope, right?! Unfortunately, her mouth is a clone of my own...and for those of you who remember me wasn't pretty. But...who knows?! I really, really hope she gets luckier than I was. :)

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