Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Getaway

I wanted to get one more quick post out before we leave for the Virgin never know..this could be the last one....da..da..da..dum..... :) Just kidding...sort of. I always find myself thinking all sorts of "what-if's" when I'm leaving my house...especially  for far away places....and especially, especially, when I'm leaving my kids or a this case Emma. I'm a nervous wreck. But I need to get over it because I'm about to take my two older children to a very, very beautiful place...and I need to ENJOY myself!!  But just in case...if I haven't told you I love you it is...I LOVE YOU!!!! And some one be sure to keep my blog going :)

For our kid free wknd trip this year we headed down to French Lick with our friends Bill and Sandy.  Vern and I had never been and thought it would be a fun, relaxing, short trip.  I loved it there! Definitely want to go back for a girls weekend!  I am completely in love with the town of French Lick...I kinda want to move there...kinda. I proved to be not much of a gambler...I have a really hard time sticking that money in those machines knowing I'm most likely not getting anything out of it. I'd much rather buy some new boots..or a sweater.  I did get lucky on the 1st night...we came out ahead..not by much, but it was fun!! However..the 2nd night..we lost it all. So depressing. Oh welllll....maybe next time...maybe....but I may stick to just watching the other people who are actually winning...much more exciting! :)

As always...sorry about the chaos of my picture arrangement...and about the over blown look in  afew of the pictures at the end. They look all swollen and weird.  Not sure what happened and it was way to much effort to delete them and put them back on.  Just wanted to let you know they don't really look like that :)

 Picture this: the bathroom ( the toilet had it's own small room with a's closed). "Vern!Veerrrrrrnnn! Hurry...bring me my camera!!" Vern ( not really hurrying..good thing I didn't fall in!) " ummmm...WHY do you want your camera on the toilet???" with a rather strange look on his face. Me: " They have monogrammed toilet paper!!! That is SO cool! We need some of this for sure! Can you bring me my phone?".  Vern : shaking head as he walks away.  Me: proceed to take picture of tp with phone and message it to mom and least I know THEY will appreciate the picture worthiness of this! :)
 There was a chainsaw competition in town while we were there....and there were a bunch of really talented chainsaw-ers! ( yes I know that's not actually a word) This is just one of the many chainsaw-ed (again...I know) products that we saw there. As talented as these people (from all over the country...which I don't quite "get", but hey, who am I to judge???), were...I was quite okay with a quick walk through and we left the much coveted bleachers to the other viewers...that's just what nice people we are...we sacrifice much. :) ;)

 We stayed at West Baden, but these are the ceilings at French Lick Springs. Just a few of the murals....I like em"! Think they're a little much for our new house???? Just kidding :)

 The "dome" at our hotel.  I couldn't get the whole area in the shot with my camera and I didn't have my small one with me. It's HUGE!

 This kind of detail was in everything in the hotel! Wish I could have seen it way back when!!!
 This may have been a know they are everywhere, just in a modern-ish hoodie..looking remarkably like my husband. Weird.

 Pleas ignore my attempt at the "model pose"...hehehe
 One of the many...MANY sitting areas throughout the hotel. I mean, seriously, everywhere you turned there was a sitting area. But yet no one was sitting.

 Everything about this room was old. The door, the walls, the smell...especially the smell. I'm pretty positive there weren't just two of us in our bed at night....just sayin'.

 My pretty, pretty breakfast...which, honestly, was just "ok".
 The far one of my favorite places. I wish I would have spent more time on it. Next time,'s a date...just me and you and one of your rocking chairs...for sure.

 Bill and Sandy

This big guy really, really wanted to come home with me, but my ba-humbug husband said no :( He was in the courtyard with this little plastic water bottle and we made the mistake of throwing it. It never stopped. He followed us around pushing that bottle our way for an hour...until some other poor suckers gave the bottle a throw. Sweet little puppy, wuppy.....

 One of the old "springs". Yummy...sulphur water!!
 Doesn't he look so masculine on this bike?? I think so <3

 Soooooooo...just so everyone knows I'm now aware of this. If you look real close you can see some skin poking out above my jeans through my shirt. Apparently I had some plumbers issues while riding bikes...and this was at the BEGINNING of the ride. I was completely unaware of this until I saw these pictures. My darling, unaware, not very observant husband chose to miss this and not inform me of my fashion blunder. I apologize Bill in Sandy, who had to witness this as they were riding behind me...geez...I'm blushing.

 Ahhhhhhh...looks so pretty and relaxing. Let me just tell you, by the time we got poor, under-exercised legs and lungs were struggling....big time. I won't lie...I was maybe panting a little. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the slight detour though the golf course.  Apparently we missed our turn.  So thankful for the woman on the golf cart who stopped us to inform us that we were going the wrong way and we would NEVER make it up hole 3....I definitely would not have...without a doubt. They would have had to go get the car ;) Anyway, after the ride into town for a beverage ( I was partially dehydrated, I swear), we headed back to the hotel....and the hill..which is really more of an incline....that I quite embarrassingly, had to walk the last five steps to the door because of...sheesh.  I made sure it didn't look like I wasn't ABLE to...but that I wanted to. I panted in private :)

 How cute is this?!? I think every town should have something like this painted on their walls!!! LOVE it!!

"You can take the boy out of the country....but you can't take the country out of the boy."
Just kidding..this was all my doing. I tried to get Bill up there with him, but he wasn't game...maybe next time...hehe :)

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