Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indian Summer

corn...before it was taller than I am ;)
I am REALLY  loving this warm weather we've been blessed with this week!! It's GO-geous darlin, just gorgeous!!
I've been trying to make the best of it....sunbathing,swimming,going to the beach.....okay...those are just things I've been wishing I could do, although laying out today was definitely a possibility. We have hives and hives of bees flying around our it does make going outside and actually enjoying yourself a teeny bit difficult (especially when you have 2 children (my oldest) that won't even be out if they see flying bugs), but I'm trying!  p.s neighbors (people driving by)..if you see me running around waving my arms and not be alarmed...this happens every time I walk out my door, usually multiple times a day. We plan on spending this afternoon after my munchkins get home, at the park, hopefully those buzzing pests prefer our house ;) These wonderful temps are still going to be here this wknd, so we plan on spending Saturday at the orchard and Sunday carving pumpkins and talking Vern into a scarecrow ( we really like those!).  Gavin is pretty bummed we're going to be gone on Halloween, so I'm trying to make it up to him by doing as many "fall" things as possible. 
Hope everyone else is enjoying their week as much as I am!! Hopefully I can help with these pictures...from July :) 4th of July actually...we spent it digging a hole for the pool.


Lakin Ann
Gavin Joe

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