Friday, September 23, 2011

The last...The Final...The End....The Conclusion...of June, 2011!

Just because it reminds me of summer...and I'm already starting to miss it. :(
I have been adding some more pictures to my "blog folder" this week, trying to get my photos organized ( I may be slightly OCD about it) and in doing so realized I had quite a few pictures from this summer....from JUNE to be exact. Thought I'd take the time to get them all up and tackle July on my next blog.  I'm pretty sure I said something about "keeping up to date" on my photos a couple of posts back...oops. I'm trying..I'm trying.  Hopefully I'll be all caught up before....2012. :)

Anyway...enjoy! OH! and don't forget to subscribe to the email on the left hand side of the blog..then you'll automatically get an email every time I make a new post. This will be easier, because I usually do a bunch at once so I can just send out 1 email to I won't have to send out any! If you don't want to see my blog and hit DELETE with force every time you get the dreaded email...this will benefit you, too....and I'll NEVER.EVEN.KNOW!!!! but of course...NONE of you would do that!!

AND OH!!!..again!! Uncle Bill....I've been praying for that rain to come your way...even did a couple of rain dances. Hopefully it will pay off soon! In all seriousness..I'm so glad you all are all right and we send our prayers to you and Texas! Love ya!

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