Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve! Mine was spent ( not blogging as planned) giving the girls their last bath of the year, making my last batch of cookies and milkshakes of the year, and organizing a bookshelf....I know that most of you can't even wrap your minds around that type of fun and excitement, but you really should try ;) I was in bed watching a movie ( my last bad movie of the year) by 10 and asleep by a little after 11. Of course I was woken at 11:59 on the dot, feeling like a rather bad mom, by Gavin....who I thought was asleep. He wanted to watch the ball drop..PERFECT timing my boy! By the time I got the t.v. on and to the right channel there was 12 seconds until midnight...whoo! We made it just in time! I said " Yay, Happy New Year!..That's it! " He said " you". LOL....I guess he expected more, poor year I'll have to take him to Times Square...or at least have a party in our living room ;) He went back to bed and I crashed ( after the customary Shooting Of The Gun by the neighbors ) only to be awoken shortly after by one heck of a good first storm of the year and no electricity....I'm thankful it was still warm out. Today feels like any other are bored, The Husbands out working in the garage and I want to do nothing but lay in bed and watch lifetime and Hallmark movies ( which unfortunately won't happen) for the entire day. I wish the best for all of you in this New Year and I hope it brings you everything that you desire....if it doesn't...I wish you the strength to get through it anyway and know that eventually it will get better ;) God has His plan for all of us and I'm curious to see what mine will be over the next 12 months.....Once again..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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