Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aryssa's 7th Birthday Party

They grow up SO fast ;( This is one little girl who is doing it beautifully!!! She isn't only the prettiest little Aryssa I've ever met...she's also such a good girl! Unlike my own darling heathens, she could receive two gifts and one of them could be really hideous clothing ;)...and she would still be happy and satisfied. You won't hear any..." i don't really like this" or "is there more?", from this one! I just love her to pieces...but she is going to have to learn to not take me so seriously all the I guess I'm so used to all the kids I'm around just knowing that I'm silly, I forget and find myself assuring her I'm only kidding...and not completely crazy. ;) Happy Birthday Miss Aryssa...I hope your 7th year is nothing but wonderful!!!!

" The Boys"....hangin out in Dawson's den :)

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