Saturday, January 1, 2011


I just LOVE warm weather...but with that fabulous weather comes SUPER cute clothes! The number of dresses that the girls ( me) just can't live without seem to increase every year. Unfortunately, we just don't go enough places to get a chance to wear them all or I think they'll wear them again and I can get a picture then...but they never do. is the time that I start to put Emma in clothes that won't fit her next summer..just so I can see her in them and take a picture. Lakin can usually wear her things for 2 summers, so I'll get another chance next year to see all of hers...but sadly Emma's 18-24 will have to be moved to Ava's closet. This is the reason that over the next few months, it is very likely that you will see Emma in pictures wearing clothes that are definitely not suitable for our current weather ;)

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Anonymous said...

Nice Christmas at your mom's. Was hopping one of you would do it this year, the surgery just kick my butt. Need to get the presents to the kids