Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas at Mom's ( Christmas Eve 2010)

We started out our Christmas celebrations this year on Christmas Eve night at mom's. She did better this year...not great..but better. By this, I mean we were able to get everything ( well...almost everything), home in one car trip. The everything that DIDN't make it home was a child size ( seriously, Emma could crawl inside if she wanted to) Barbie Doll house. It is so large it will require a truck and an entire wall of the girls' bedroom...unfortunately, that wall is not available ( we barely have room for the GIRLS at this point), so it is staying at mom's...I'm sure she and Jerry are having a LOT of fun with it! :) Even with a slight ( VERY slight) reduction in gifts, all of the kids left with way more than any of them needed...or very likely deserved. We are all very blessed, for many reasons, to have a memaw and mother like ours in our life ( Even if she does get their haircut after mom's say no...just to stop a little girl from crying...or buy them something JUST because they WANT it). We all LOVE you mom, SO, SO much...and thank God for you every day......oh...and thanks for all the Christmas Gifts ;) Enjoying the balloons...easily the highlight of Christmas ;)

One of the before mentioned balloons

" oh my!!"

" A CAMERA!!!!!! I got a CAMERA!!!!!!!"

yes...this is actually a DOG...if you look very close, you can see a face shape. I know they say the camera adds 10 lbs...unfortunately, that's not the case here...I think the Gibson's have a habit of over loving their dogs with

These next pictures are the beginning of what ended up being me following Emma around ALL night, just trying to get ONE good picture of her in her Christmas outfit. Much to my disappointment, it never happened :( I even had her wear it twice...and still no luck. Looks like I'm going to have to find someone to pay to take pictures of the girls...I just love their outfits THAT much! I'm open to any suggestions, but be warned...I'm incredibly picky when it comes to photos!!

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