Monday, November 8, 2010

South Carolina 8-4-10

Really...don't ask. I have no idea what is happening in this picture..but it's me anyway ;) AND I REALLY miss my tan!!

This next set of pictures is so funny....this is Ava being sneaky. You can really see how she plays her mommy!!OH NO!!! She's upset! Throws herself on the ground and cries.... ( Jami is walking has her back turned and is walking away)wait....she sneaks a peek...
hmmmm...maybe this isn't working...but there is a camera pointed at me... HA!! They did pay attention!!! lol...look at that sly little smile...I swear it's saying " i have you wrapped around my finger". What have we gotten ourselves into with these girls?!?

"yeah....I know i"m cute " :)

There is a missing child from these pictures...I really do have 3 children. always, he chose not to join the rest of us and was holed up somewhere with Payne ;)

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