Monday, November 1, 2010

Emma blowing bubbles

Back to pictures on the blog :) I may alternate between this and the photo shows...especially when I have a LOT of the rest of our South Carolina vacation ( That's right...I have a TON of pictures left to show..those were just the 1st 2 days!!) I'm still trying to catch up from summer pictures. I thought I had them all in the September photo show, but it seems like everytime I go through and organize my pictures, I find more! I'm hoping to get everything up this week ( except for S.C ). Of course, by the time I get all of the old ones up..I'll have a few weeks of new ones. ;) I guess i could just stop taking pictures...but where's the fun in that?! My children will never be able to say that their photo albums aren't full when they grow up ( well...Gavin may have a limited few until he grows out of this anti-photo stage). I am going to be a mess when I finally have the time to make all of their scrapbooks...Vern better plan to have a library in the new house, just to hold all of them!

Here are some pictures of Emma and her bubbles....i know, I seems like she's always the object of my pictures...BUT babies are just so darn cute and they grow up so fast! She also happens to be the only one home with me for 8 hours during the week days...we have a lot of time together!! The last thing the other two want to do when they get home from school is smile for my camera ;)

lol...she's trying VERY hard!!She got it!!!!
bye, bye bubble!

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