Wednesday, November 3, 2010

South Carolina 8-3-10

Day be completely honest, it was so long ago I can't remember what we did on this day...but going from the pictures, I think we just hung out at the house all day..which was actually what I wanted to do most of the time ;) This first set are all pictures of the kids swimming...the 2nd from that evening playing on the beach....Day 4, coming soon!!!!

These next three photos of Lakin are a sequence ;)
1: Getting ready to " ride a wave"
2 : Here it comes! Watch it.......

3: oops...I think she missed She was not a very happy girl after this with a mouth full of salt water ;)

I may be biased...but he sure is one handsome boy!!!

Gavin rode PAYNE instead of the wave...but it got him to the beach!!

Notice Dawson's face in the back...I think he may have drank some of the ocean!

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