Monday, November 1, 2010

Alexis & Aleyah's Chuckie Cheese Party

Chuckie Cheese....I am willing to take the title of "meanest mom in the world" and NEVER take my kids there. If someone else wants to...feel free...but I HATE it there! Mass kid hysteria...NO parent supervision AT ALL!! I mean...I get the whole " no one can leave with my kid thing"...but news flash parents...your kids are NOT angels at all times...they can be rude..and just plain bratty. I don't know how many times we had a kid push their way in front of us or just come up and take over a game that one of the girls was playing!! Awful! And with no parents to tell them no..they get away with it...over and OVER again! That being said..I have 3 kids and there is only 1 of me. That means I can't be in 3 places at once. Lakin and Emma aren't to much of a problem..I can keep them interested in the same things, but Gavin is not going to have much fun riding the motorized horse a hundred and 6 times. SO..there is a good chance that he is one of those bratty kids I'm talking about. I like to think that with him being so quiet and not one for confrontation..that he wouldn't be that kid..but I am not naive enough to believe it couldn't happen. This is why I think the best thing to do is to just avoid the place entirely!! I'm pretty sure that I can bribe my kids with a walmart trip and a toy as an alternate option..thank goodness! Buying 3 toys would probably even save me money!!

This visit was for my two beautiful nieces that I LOVE to I was willing to DEAL with my hatred for a couple of hours...but I definitely could have used a visit to an ADULT only establishment by the time it was all over :) Mom and Lakin...checking out her rings

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