Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monster Jam....sort of :) 3-5-10

So, it was a Friday evening and I noticed a posting on facebook that said there was a monster truck show in Cloverdale that I call Kristi and ask her where, when, etc....Gavin was really excited about going so he and I met Kristi and got ready to JAM!!!! There wasn't a whole lot of "jamming" going on, though. The show WAS held in a horse arena, so I wasn't expecting much...but hoped for a little more than this. Pitiful, that's really the only word for it...even my 8 year old was bored and asking when they were going to do something cool. It was really cold inside, and since it was pretty warm when we left and it was inside, I assumed it would be warm and Gavin and I just brought sweatshirts...that didn't cut it. My nose was running and I was cold = no fun. :( Then came the was so thick you couldn't see right in front of you. Someone could have taken off with my child and I wouldn't have noticed. Not to mention that breathing was rather difficult when I could actually FEEL the dust particles in my throat and on my asthma doesn't bother me often, but that night it threatened to flair. Needless to say at intermission ( it was 10:00!!), we left. Gavin and Damien had fun for a short while, though...that's what matters :) There is a Gavin in there...

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