Saturday, April 10, 2010

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party 4-3-10

Thanks everyone who made it out to Emma's birthday party...we loved seeing everyone!! Maybe next year Emma will be in better spirits...but she was recovering from a pretty bad two week illness and the poor babies eardrum busted that she wasn't in top form and was going on only a 40 min. nap. Like always, I didn't get many pictures and none that are very good, but her is what I have. I'm thinking about having someone else give my kid's parties so I can concentrate on taking pictures!! It makes me so sad when I see my lack of photo's every year :( Again, thank you everyone!!!

Egg Hunt:

Well, the rain at least stopped in time for the egg hunt...but it sure was chilly! I only got a few pictures of anyone but Emma, but even though these darn kids all got the same number of eggs, they ran around like they weren't going to get theirs!! It's sort of hard to take pictures of speedy little things whose idea of smiling is looking over their shoulder while they run the other way. Jami came up with the wonderful idea of sending the babies out first next year to get their eggs ( they aren't in a rush) then letting the older ones loose...and telling them to SLOW DOWN!!! So next year at least I'll have some pictures:)

Emma wasn't real sure about this egg thing at first, but once I showed her how to do it...she was a natural, and she LOVED it!! She wasn't letting any egg go un-picked...and would scream if someone else got it first! I think we could have an egg hunt every day this summer and she'd be happy :)

Uncle Josh helpin Emma out...

This may be a smile behind that binky...but she squints a lot and makes some pretty weird faces while she's talking, so it's hard to tell ;)

Dawson was a good little egg hunter because we hid that golden egg hard! Of course, he had been trying to find ways to make money since Wed., so I think he sniffed it out! :)

shhh!!!! She's stealing Emma's eggs...

Ava didn't quite get the hang of it this year...but next year she'll be ready!!

Aleyah...on the hunt!!

Gift Time:

whew!! All that present opening is hard work... time for a break

She was rippin' in to this bag....but wasn't taking that chocolate out of her mouth!!

oh wow!!! New clothes !

She's so funny...she actually took the time to hold her clothes out and look at them. I think between her and lakin, I'm going to be in trouble!!

If I would have let her..she would have spent 10 minutes looking at each card :)

Emma's rocking chair from Aunt Rachel

Look at that baby rock!!

CAKE TIME!! Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday dear Emma...happy birthday to you

Get ready....


Yeah!!! She she did it all by herself!!!! :)

This is one second after she blew out the candles.....and one second before she started screaming to get down :)

That's okay....Ava will eat it for her...such a good BFF!! ;)

She was having fun!!!

Just The Party......

Daddy and Emma...she's putting Whopper eggs on his cupcake for him :)

Aunt Tracy and Emma...checkin' out Emma's loot

Taylor and Heather


Me ( in a not so great picture) and Emma

Emma & Jami

Ugh...I can't even believe I posted this picture...I just felt like Emma's birthday post needed a picture of me with her. This is my "fat girl" photo. :) I think it's the sweater and my hair that I had no time to do anythign with...I look about 50lbs heavier than I really am...blech!!!

Emma & Dawson

Ava and Jami

Not a happy Ava :)




If anyone is wondering why I took this picture....all my mom usually has to do is walk near Ava and she runs off or start crying. So we had to get this shot! :)

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