Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An afternoon spent in matching outfits! :) 3-5-10

Emma and Ava had quite a few fall and winter outfits that we had never taken a picture of with them together...and that just can't happen!! :) We forgot a couple and a few Emma had already outgrown, but they were pretty tired of the wardrobe changes we did have, so it was probably better that way. There was a warm Saturday, so we packed a bag and headed over to jami's for the day to attempt a " photo shoot". Now, as most of you know, when I post blogs of the girls in matching outfits, it's not very often that we get good pictures. Usually we just hurry and try to snap one before one of them runs off or starts screaming....these are no exception. Unfortunately, none of these gave me much excitement but we have the pictures for their future " matching outfit" scrapbook :) Emma was the one that wasn't having much to do with picture taking on this day..but that's pretty normal for her when you WANT to take her picture. Ava was all grins and " cheeses", so at least one of them semi-cooperated! Ava and her whistle...she was perfectly content to do whatever we wanted of long as she could blow on this thing!!

Look...Ava's supporting Emma's cup for her while she sits...what a great BFF!! ;)

Yes, that is a head peeking up from behind that belongs to Aryssa Ava sharing her Popsicle...little does she know, but Emma would probably not do the same!!


Emma REALLY wanted to play with the shape we tried to make her sit by Ava, but nope, not happening

How do these things come out of here?? "
Emma was done with pictures before we even started on these outfits...she was climbing off the couch as soon as I sat her downAva was ready to play along for awhile, though!!

OH!! Hurry...they are standing by each other..grab the camera!!

For these we headed outside. I though sitting them on this box would be fun and that I'd be able to get a few shots.....Ava liked it....Emma not so much " let me down!!" Ava was LOVIN outside!oh, look! a smile!! ;)

I guess she decided that she was hot

Silly Ava with her blankie

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