Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010 4-4-10

Easter this year was pretty much like every Sunday..... we went to church then went to lunch with mom, Josh and the girls. Not many photo ops in those two things :) I did manage to get pic.'s of Lakin in her Easter dress, which many of you saw at Emma's party. Emma is going to have to be put back in hers, because by the time we made it home, she wasn't picture worthy anymore....that's okay though, I need pictures of the girls together in their dresses, anyhow. Gavin did make a brief appearance in front of the camera.....even if he was being silly. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

One of these kids isn't enjoying themselves....I'll give you one guess who it is :)

Silly boy..

This was Emma's lunch and this is also why there were no pictures taken of her in her dress when we got home :) So gross....but my daughter likes to eat ketchup....not ketchup on something...just ketchup by itself...blech!!!

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