Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Pictures

The back of one of Emma's super cute outfits..... which is to big because she is to skinny:

lakin with her certificate for finishing preschool

Lakin as a sheep

Lakin being a teapot

Not really sure what she's doing here

my little lamb......

One of the song's Lakin sang at her program had something to do with what they hoped there always was. They also had to draw a picture of what they actually hoped there always was and Lakin said swimming pools. Sadly, this is as close as we have to a pool at our house for now:)

Wearing Lakin's rain boots

wearing her sister's shades... she's so cool!

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jamilee said...

Love the picture of Emma in her little rain boots :) Pretty soon and Lakin will be in kindergarden! :( Then our babies, they'll be graduating, so so sad. They grow up to fast!!