Monday, May 4, 2009

Emma and the shopping cart:)

I just had to post this video. This is Lakin's shopping cart and apparently, Emma realized that it was like the one we used at the store...... so she wanted to sit in it:) She cried and cried until I finally sat her in it and then she just grinned!! It's amazing how they can go from full blown "someone-is-killing-me" scream to just, done. Just like that. She was smiling through her tears and snot:) Anyway, I let her sit in it for a few minutes but she kept trying to stand, so I got her out and distracted her with other toys for awhile. While I was putting the other kids to bed and getting her stuff ready, she found it yet again..... so I had to grab the video camera. I guess she knocked it over which makes it just as funny. Poor baby, she was so tired:)

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Anonymous said...

If she is not the cutest thing around. I can not beieve that she went from a scream to no tears or sniffles even.

PS I so want to get the cupcake maker.......

Aunt Rachel