Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day, 2009

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful day yesterday!! I did.... Saturday was a pretty good day, too. Kind of an extended mother's day. I got the whole weekend:) The girls and I started off Saturday morning by signing Lakin and Gavin up for swim lessons then ran into Greencastle for a few things. Gavin and Vern were at his game, which they lost, again..... but Gavin did make it to second base!! After the boys got home, we had to run into mom's because Lakin had left her blanket there Friday night and we had a few major meltdowns. Gavin didn't want to go so he went to Vern's parents house to play with Michael and the girls and I went to get mom and do some mother's day shopping. Vern also drove into Plainfield because he wanted a chance to drive his baby ( his car), and needed to get some mom day shopping done..... and he did a good job, with only a little help from me:) After we got home I convinced Vern to give me my present early and it is beautiful!! I guess I need to take a picture so I can show it off to everyone. I'll have to remember to do that. It's a really pretty aquamarine ( light blue) oval-ish shaped stone hanging from a small diamond pendant. I LOVE it!! Then Vern went to pick up dinner because I was milking the pampering:)

Sunday morning, I received breakfast in bed from chef Gavin, toast and orange juice that he did all by himself and waited until I took a bite before he would leave... he wanted to make sure it was okay:) I lazed away the morning reading a book and then we spent most of the afternoon outside. Lakin is big enough for her Barbie bike this year and she is loving it!! She rode it pretty much all afternoon.... up and down the road, with me walking. I got some exercise, I guess. We tried to get Gavin out and riding, too, but that took a lot of effort. I think he's the only 7 year old boy that doesn't know how to ride a bike with no training wheels. Even getting him to ride his bike with training wheels was difficult..... grrrr....... So instead he walked up to Vern's parents to play with Michael and Chase again and after Emma woke up from her nap, we all went up there for a visit. Then I got dinner out at the swine restaurant because I was lazy and we came home and I sat and lazed and read a book again...... all in all a great two days!!

I'm mailing invitations out for Lakin's party today and tomorrow but it's on Saturday, May 30, at 4:00. I think we are doing a taco bar since Lakin wants a Dora party, so bring your antacids!:)

Here are some pictures from yesterday, mostly of Emma, a few of Lakin. Gavin wouldn't come out at this time, so there are none of him:( I had wanted to get some pictures of me with the kids, but after we got home, Vern pretty much disappeared and Lakin fell asleep so that didn't happen. Oh well. I was just taking pictures of Emma because her outfit was so freakin cute!! I think it's one of my favorites and I wanted everyone to see it;) I don't think Harry and Ericka liked it as much as I did. I didn't get much of a response when I said " look at her super cute outfit!!".:) That's okay if you people don't like it either ( mom........) I think it's extra fabulous and it is one of my favorites of the moment!! Lakin sporting her new yellow shades
She dressed herself like usual... not to bad, really.......

I'm not really sure about this. She was spitting and acting like she had something yucky in her mouth, but she didn't.

oh yeah..... Emma started saying "uh-oh" yesterday:) It's not exactly that, but the way she says it is way more cute!! She didn't exactly say it at the right time either after the first time, but that's okay. The first time, she walked up to me holding her shoe ( which fell off) and saying it over and over again, it took me a minute to realize what she was saying, but then after I repeated her, she just grinned and wouldn't stop..... so cute!

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Anonymous said...

I love Lakin's choice of outfits. I remember that you dressed funnuy when you were younger...
Emma is cute in the pictures. Not to sure about the "super cute outfit" but she sure is super cute.
Tell Lakin I love her new yellow glasses that they are cool.
Love you,