Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day weekend..... my gosh, summer is already halfway over and it's just now getting warm!! It feels almost over, anyway. Just a month away is the 4th of July ( which, BTW, leave your calenders open for our annual party!) !! Then before we know it the kids will be going back to school........ geez! Hopefully, I'll at least get a good tan:) Anyway, mom had a cookout on Sunday..... that was pretty much the only thing we did. we aren't usually big memorial day people and.... we basically have no friends:( Sad, I know. I think I need a lake... a big one.... with a boat.... and a great big outdoor cooking area..... in my backyard. Then, I would be more of a memorial day person:) So, back to Sunday.... mom had a cookout at her house. The kids pretty much swam all day, we old people just sat around and talked, we ate, kids swam somemore, then we all packed up and came home ( except for Vern, who went to another cookout). Payne came over and spent the night, the kids played outside until after dark ( now THAT'S what summer feels like!) and Monday we just basically sat around and did nothing. and now for the start of another week. Lakin's done with school, but Gavin isn't out until Thursday, so I"m still having to get up early..... wait, I will anyway, Emma doesn't sleep in on summer break:( But, I won't have to get any grouchy little boys up ( except for Vern, of course) and on the bus. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I'll see most of you on Saturday!! Aleyah, cheesin'
awwww...... she's so freakin cute!!!!


Josh and his girls

I'm not really sure what Emma was doing here, but it's funny!

I just love her:):):):)

I mean I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, a smile!!

aleyah and Lakin

Alexis, hangin out in the pool

The kids


lakin and Dawson


This is as close as Emma would come to the pool:)



Aleyah, again

Emma and her memaw

me, striken a pose

This is classic, isn't it?

payne and Dawson

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