Friday, March 6, 2009

Emma Grace: 11 months!!

11 months!! less than a month left to plan her party...eek!!! BTW....since I haven't sent invites out yet, her birthday falls on a Sunday, so I'll probably have her party that day. April 5th, around 2?? I'll let you know for sure on that when I send out invites...think of this as a save the date....and you all better be there!!:)

So, she's growing like a weed!! Actually, I guess she isn't really, she's sort of slowing down. We went to her 9 month well- child a few weeks ago( even though she was 10mths) and she hasn't gained much at all since she was in there last at 7 months (6month well child). She weighed exactly 19lbs. and was 29in. long ( I think...). Overall, she came in right over the 50%, so she's slowing down quite a bit.

Emma is doing so many new things every day! She's at that age where she is always learning something new and is SO much fun...this is by far my favorite age. From here until about three. I find myself writing something new that made me laugh or smile or just wowed me almost everyday. I just can't get enough Emma!! There are times that I wish she was a little more independent, however. She very seldom plays on her own and unless someone is sitting down engaging her, she will hang on my leg and cry. Needless to say, except at nap times, she makes it impossible to get anything done. Enjoy it while it lasts, right? She is such a mama's girl ( no surprise there) and I love it and hate it all at the same time....mostly I love it though. It never fails to make you feel as loved as you do when you walk in the door after being gone for a few hours (or minutes) and seeing someones face just light up and hear her giggle just to see you.....usually followed by crying:) It makes me wonder every day about how deep your kids love matter what you do wrong. Okay, I think I'm feeling a little emotional with the " big day" coming up, don't be surprised if I break down in tears at her party:) Anyway....

Like I said, Emma is moving right along every day. She's right where the doctors want her to be developmentally..a little ahead in most of her small and large motor skills... a little behind in her vocal. Nothing to worry about yet, though. She's still doing babbling and the only sounds are still ddddd.. and bbbbb. She's finger feeding herself ( I guess she's been doing that for awhile) but if I give her something in a bowl or with a spoon, she isn't quite sure what to do with it. She takes a cup really well, but will not take her formula in it, only juice. I have a feeling getting her off the bottle will be a little more difficult than what Lakin was, just hopefully not like Gavin!

Emma LOVES to dance! She loves music, even if I'm the one making it... that's true love!! She hears music and she starts rocking if she's sitting or bouncing if she's standing, aways with a huge grin on her face. If I need to make her smile or hear her squeal ( her laugh) all I have to do is turn on the radio, pick her up and start dancing and singing....I LOVE it!! So now I have two little dancers in the family..between Lakin, Emma and I, we are just about always dancing through the house, sometimes even Gavin will join in.

She's playing peek-a-boo now with her being the one to hide behind the blanket. She pulls it up and down so quickly, it's really hard to get "BOO!" in before she's hiding again. The other day, I was sitting in Gavin's "game chair" ( a papooson) and she was behind me, holding on to the top of the chair. When I turned to look at her, she just grinned and then squatted down under the chair and then would pop back up and giggle. So freakin cute!! If I tried to look over the side of the chair, she would squat even farther down:)

She figured out that if she sticks her tongue out, that it makes mommy really crack up...and she loves it!! I can't help but laugh, she looks so funny! She sort of rolls it out, never sticking the tip out, it's just so silly, I cry I'm laughing so hard. And of course she mocks my laughing, because that's one her favorite things to do, which is just as funny to me, so we are just a bunch of laughing fools! She sort of makes a really distinct " ha,ha,ha" sound when she mocks....I think it's hilarious, but I'm kind of partial:)

The biggest thing to happen.... she took her first steps!!!! It was last Friday night and I was so excited!! She did it that afternoon, one little step and about a half of one, but no one saw it but me. That night Vern and Harry ( his step mom) were sitting there with me and she took about three whole steps! Well, of course she got a huge reaction from me and grandma, clapping and the whole deal, so she's milking that. We had a hard time getting her to do anything after that except grin and clap and she hasn't done much more since, but I have a feeling when you all see her in a month, you'll get to see it, too. I know you are all just SOOOO excited!!!:) By then, she may just be toddling right along.

Emma is in to EVERYTHING!! You can't turn your back for a second...Kleenex, toilet paper, animal food ( she's partial to the dog food, doesn't really care for the cats), toilets if the doors are left open, cook books, papers, cups sitting on tables.....EVERYTHING!!! She needs a pen, I think......

Here's some things about her everyday...


* still eating 5oz. in a bottle...but now I do three with formula and two with whole milk
* still wearing sz 3 diapers
* 12-18month clothes
* still not the best sleeper...we have good night and bad..sadly more bad:(
* has realized there is a whole other world outside our windows and loves to sit and stare ( when I sat her out there though, she freaked!!)
* LOVES people food!! She knows if you get food and she will crawl right up to you and "uh,uh,uh" until you give her a bite. Of course she loves sweets and she's pretty fond of bread and pizza. I always try to give her bits of food in her high chair at dinner, but she doesn't try to like it as much in there....weird
*down to just two naps
* adores her big brother and sister
* isn't real fond of unfamiliar places

That's about all I can think of right now, and I need to hurry up and try to clean a bit before miss Emma wakes up...enjoy!!

She didn't stay sitting for long......

Emma really enjoys playing with my lens caps...I just have to make sure and let the drool dry:)

her backside....again. She wasn't nearly as interested in pictures as I usual

I gave up and got her down since she was sort of crawling off the chair anyway...she's impossible, but so freakin cute!!

Look at her standing all by herself!!

She found her way to Lakin's bed, which is just low enough for her to play on. When Lakin is jumping and making her bounce, she just cracks up ( well, for Emma, anyway)

p.s. Aren't you just LOVING the warm? My kids are. Gavin and Lakin were out right after school and Lakin was putting her jacket and shoes on at 7:30 this morning...sadly I had to tell her she had to wait, which resulted in a Lakin meltdown:) Since about 8:30, she's been in and out all day. Hopefully it will hold, I'd like to have a nice day for Em's birthday and Easter is the following wknd. and I'm planning to have my yearly Easter dinner. Not to mention I can't WAIT to start putting the girls in their warm weather clothes!! I had to pull one out for today for Emma...sadly the pants (12mths) are falling off of her (she's actually no longer wearing them, they fell off at some point)because she's just to long and skinny:)

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