Saturday, March 7, 2009

It Feels Like Spring!

Emma played outside for the first time today! I've sat her out before on warmer days, but every time, she'd start screaming. Since the kids were already out playing, I thought I'd try again. I sat her down and waited for the cry....but she just sat there, not really sure, for a few minutes. Then she decided that she was going to go with the other kids and took off crawling toward the swing set full speed......then she saw the grass. I think she almost skidded, she stopped so fast:) She just sort of stared at it for minute, reached her hand out as if she was going to touch it, thought better of it and turned around and crawled away. Not quite ready for the grass adventure, which is good, cause she probably would have stained her knees. She played with chalk, taking it out of the package and trying to put it back in.... she had a taste, too. She slid on the little slide ( I was sliding her, so I couldn't take pictures), and just crawled around the sidewalk a bunch. I didn't have her out for long, the wind was a little chilly, but I think I'll have another outside lover!

woooo!!!!!!! What the heck is this stuff??

Shatzie giving her a little doggy encouragement:)

Here you can see the evidence of her little taste test....once was enough:)


jamilee said...

cute cute cute:) Where did you get that outfit? i like the color! did you make that bow? nice!!!

jamilee said...

FOr some reason I have this Christmas song in my head, UP on the rooftop click click click, uppity something uppity other. i forget how it goes.