Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring, Oh spring, where art thou'?

Okay, yesterday was actually pretty nice, but I'm pretty sure we are supposed to be feeling the 40's before the week is over.....blah! Anyway, here are some pictures that I took yesterday and just thought I'd share.

Vern decided that since Gavin doesn't ever want to ride is go-cart anymore that he'd teach Lakin how to drive it so it could get some use.......I'm a little unsure about this, but mostly because she not wearing a helmet!!! She, of course, LOVES,LOVES it!! She cried and cried when it ran out of gas. She did really well and only almost hit Daddy's ugly porshe and ran into the side of the house once. Not to shabby.

Don't you just love her choice of driving gear?
These are just some pictures that I took of Emma yesterday. She's doing this really cute smile where she wrinkles up her nose and her eyes and I was trying to get a picture of it. Of course, she did it many times but not once did I catch it...brat. These are cute, anyhow:)

Hehe... she's licking the brownie batter

This is Emma's new talent... she can drive the remote control car. Sort of...when it's not stuck:)
Here is her smile a little bit, but this isn't anywhere near as cute as it really is. I'll get it!!

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