Saturday, February 14, 2009


These are pictures of Gavin and Lakin making their Valentines for school this year.Lakin has a newly acquired skill of writing her own name, so she filled hers out all by herself!! She worked so hard and was so proud of them...... and didn't even get to go to school on Thursday because of the 2-hour delays ( no school for her when there are delays). Apparently they were worried about the buses floating away......Hopefully they will have it on Tuesday, instead.

Not sure what this picture is about........

These are of Emma in the pantry after one of the kids left the door open... she loves it in there!

" what mom???"

Look at this mess..........

Here Emma got a piece of cookie that Lakin had dropped and I didn't have the heart to take it from her... she would have been mad!!! Anyway, I got a few cute pictures ( and Oreo in my hair) out of it:)

These are just some random pictures of Lakin while I was playing with my camera

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Anonymous said...

I like the want with the cookie on her face. Those are the fun times of a childs' life.
Love Mamie
P.S. Lakin looks mad in the first picture. Maybe she wants her cookie back!