Monday, February 9, 2009

Emma Grace: 10 months!!!

10 months!! I have REALLY got to get on the planning of the Big day!! only a month and 1/2 left!! EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway..... again, not my greatest pic.'s but she is impossible to sit in a chair! That is why there are a lot of close-ups.... I had to hod her with one hand:) ( pay no attention to the blue onesie under her clothes:) It was a flaw in the clothing department....)


* still eating 4-5oz in a bottle
* eats about 1 to 1 1/2 jar's of baby food at lunch and dinner
* starting to eat very small pieces of "people" food..... LOVES chocolate... of course
* drinks from a straw... actually she was doing that at about 7 months, I think
* LOVES french fries... of course. But likes to stick the whole thing in her mouth and chokes, so she doesn't get them often.... from me anyway.......daddy!
* has developed a TERRIBLE habit of only sleeping for 4 hour periods at night..... I'm SOOOOO tired!!
*wearing 12-18, but that is to big, but 9 mths and 6-12 are to short
* still prefers her mommy, but is getting much better with other people
* lays her head on my shoulder when there is someone here she doesn't know well.....awwwww!!!
* claps ( did I put that last month?)
* " cruising" on furniture and has stood for a few seconds on her own before falling
* still not saying much..... babababab and dadadad sounds... that's about it.
* LOVES bath time
* taking 3 naps
* Loves to dance with me and to spin. You can get a laugh every time:)
* Likes when you sing
* fascinated by CMT ( the only T.V she pays any attention to, even if it is only for a few minutes)
can't quite wave bye-bye, but we are gettin there. She puts her hand up and just kind of looks at it, like she's trying to figure out how to make it work
* LOVES the dog food bowls. Especially the water bowl!!
* knows there is water in the toilet.... yes, she stuck her hands in it
* LOVES< LOVES< LOVES Mister ( our cat)!!!!! She will squeal and go right after him everytime she sees him. However the feeling is not mutual

I can't think of anything else right now. Enjoy her pictures!!

I have a picture of me that looks almost exactly like this one ( my face was a lot fatter, though)


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