Friday, May 2, 2008

Smile List for 5/1/2008

Things That Made Me Smile:
1. Gavin eating 6 pieces of bacon and being so proud to tell the bus driver
2. Jami and I talking about our OB and paps, specifically, boobs
3. Emma always going after her nipple like she hasn't eaten in days
4. Emma was crying and just talking to her calmed her down. Just my voice worked! I didn't have to even hold her... she recognizes her mommy!!!!
5. Crazy woman on Dr. Phil
6. Good ol' Phil himself
7. The "o" shape Emma makes with her mouth after she's been fussing and calms down
8. not cooking dinner
9. PIctures of Lakin
10. asking someone to be my my-space friend...and her accepting me ( not someone I've been friends with for awhile). No surprise.... Jami made me!!!!!
11. My Dad asking to talk to me on the phone
12. Lakin talking to Dawson on the phone after he had a tick taken off of him ( he was sore and crying), and telling him "it's okay Dawson, I'll kiss it". Too cute!!!
13. Gavin saying " so lame". I can't remember about what though, may have been school
14. " I like penis. I'm a huge, huge fan of penis" - Grey's Anatomy
15. " We screw boys like whores drunk on tequila" - Grey's anatomy

Things that Didn't:
1. Trying to pay my dish bill.... they can never make it easy
2. Not being able to open my windows
3. Lakin telling me there is a spider on my shirt.... it was a tick
4. Wendy's for dinner
5. Chocolate Skittles
6. P-A-D-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Gavin whining about bed time

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