Saturday, May 10, 2008

Emma Grace: 5 wks.

Emma is 5 wks. old today!!! I wanted to make a post on the 5th, which was her 1 month, but just never had time. Technically, I don't have time now, either, I should be cleaning my house,but oh well, what's a messy house??? Anyway, when Lakin was a baby, I took a picture each month on her rocking chair, so I could see the difference later. I'm going to do the same with Emma, and thought I'd post some of the pictures I took. They are not very flattering, actually, they look really NOT cute, but, hey, what can you do? These were actually taken, like two days after her one month, but that's okay, I assure you she didn't change much in two days!

Any one have any big plans for mother's day? Not I. I will be sitting at my home ( my messy home...anyone want to clean it for me?) with my beautiful children, no doubt listening to them argue and complain about being bored. I'm sure my doting (he-he) husband will be at my feet waiting to cater to my every need.....okay, so I'm dreaming again, but it's a nice one. I've requested new carpet for my gift, and it looks as if I may actually get it, just not tomorrow. But maybe before Lakin's Birthday party. Then again, we all know if I get it before then, some little heathen will spill something on it, and I'll have to break their legs. Maybe I should wait till' after, but if I wait to long, I won't get my carpet, and we can't have little Emma crawling around with her face in all the little nasties on my floor, now can we? I may just have to take the chance of having a spill, it will happen sooner rather than later, I imagine. Anyway, Happy mothers day to all you mommy's!

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