Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Happy List

I read somewhere that if you write down everything that makes you smile, every day, that it's good for you. I can see how it would be. now I can go back months from now and laugh again over something that already happend. You cn't have to much laughter! So I'm going to blog my daily lists......

Things that made me smile: 4/30/2008
1. pictures of a baby that Jami sent me. He had SO much hair!!! To cute!
2. straightning my hair. I love when I have a good cut
3. Emma's nose being all red after I took her out of the snuggly
4. Lakin telling her Daddy about the play house she wants. " It's her house that's her very own" and " we'll put it in the car and bring it to her Dora birthday party". She's so cute!
5. Making jokes with Jami, at the expense of someone else ( we just can't help it!)
6. Emma's ginormous dried snot booger, that she blew out after about 30 sneezes. It was similar in size to a piece of popcorn chicken!
7. Gavin & lakin giggling over Emma
8. reading a silly book with Gavin
9. staring at Emma as she falls asleep
10. finishing another scrapbook page for Lakin's book
11. payng off some doctors bils

Things That Didn't:
1. a tick on Emma's carseat
2. Mister pooping on the floor, yet again, right in front of his CLEAN litterbox
3. Emma's first blowout diaper
4. taking 4-E-V-E-R to finish before mentioned scrapbook page
5. Lakin fighting bedtime.... again
6. Vern complaining about feeding the dog ( even though I had to pick up HIS cats' poop)
7. that Natasha girl on American Idol
8. paying before mentioned medical bills...the money goes so fast...sad, sad, sad

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