Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lakin's pleading finally paid off...

 Lakin has been BEGGING for months...and months...AND months...to get her ears pierced. I finally gave in. The kids had the day off school on Presidents day, so we spent the night at a hotel on SUnday so they could swim and have a slumber (Payne and Alexis & Aleyah came,too!) and took them to lunch and bowling on Monday. Lakin didn't have a clue, but I'd been planning this surprise for a week! I told her we had to run to the store and grab something for myself and that I would let her buy a necklace. She was SO surprised (everyone but Aleyah and Emma were in on the secret!) when I told her why we were really there! Her face was so red! She (of course) chose the most expensive earrings, hopped right up in the chair,,,and didn't even flinch! Although..her eyes were as big as saucers after that first ear..but no tears! We were finally able to change them last week, but we're having issues with all the other earrings....I'm really hoping she doesn't have problems like I do with mine! This child wants a new pair of earring every day of the week!
  Like always, the pictures are backwards...they are in order from the BOTTOM up! :)
second ear

oh my...ouch! that hurt just a little

putting the marks where the holes will be

 All ready!!

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