Friday, April 13, 2012

Early spring

Along with March came some really awesome weather!! It was warmer then than it is today! Of course, the negative side to this is I got very comfortable with those warm days (especially the mornings!), only to have them taken away from me again :( Oh welllll..hopefully this warmth coming in this wknd will stay!

My mom came out here one afternoon so she could surprise Emma by picking her up from school. She WAS surprised and VERY excited! We took her to McDonalds (we ate INSIDE!!! This is a VERY big deal!) and made a trip to the WAL-MART!! of course..this resulted in Mema buying something, but thankfully it was only Emma with us and she was happy enough with bubbles. :)


Emma has an awful lot of fun with Mema...I think it's because Mema is kinda just a really big kid! :) They spent the afternoon blowing and chasing bubbles. I was really disappointed with myself when I went through these pictures last week and realized I didn't get any pictures of the two of them together. I do this a lot.....Have regrets about pictures that I wished I would have taken...after the fact. I'm going to really have to try hard to make sure I start including people other than the kids in my photo's! You just never know who's going to be willing to grin for the camera and who would rather be left alone. Guess I'm just going to get mean and not let them have a choice!! ;)

We picked up the big kids from school, too..but they weren't that surprised..the slip said "grandma" would be picking them up...but they were still pretty darn happy!

Love this picture. It sorta symbolizes what being a "kid" is all about :)

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