Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

Can you believe that January is over already!! I know people say that time goes faster as you get older...but this is CRAZY fast! I don't remember time flying when I was a kid, but yet even Gavin commented on how fast last year and January has gone. There just isnt enough time in one life to get it "all" done. :( GUess we have to make the best of what time we do have!!!

I thought I'd go ahead and do a Jnauary post since the only pictures I have are from this one day. :) It's kinda crazy that we are enjoying 60 degree days in January...in INDIANA..but I"ll take it! These pictures are from one of those days.  As you can see..it cooled off a bit in just an hour..the kids went from sweaters to jackets,coats and gloves. Emma got a chance to ride her new bike ( yes, it's a boy bike..but she wanted GREEN!!), and she was soooooo excited! Can't wait (actually....yes..I can..as much as I want spring, I''m not ready for february to fly by,too!) to start going on bike rides again! NOw...if we could only get some sidewalks out here! :)

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