Monday, August 1, 2011

May 28th,2011...Lakin's 6th Birthday..sort of

 So.....I'm pretty sure these are the only four pictures I took at Lakin's party....I'm apoligizing now for our lack of birthday party memories ;(  Two of Lakin and two of Ava. And...I can't even claim I was to busy! We didn't have any food other than cake and there were very few people sibling from both vern and I's sides, ( and niether of their spouses) and both of my parents (no husband or wife with) and Vern's mom...Even Jamis husband was missing! Easy to say it was by far the smallest,queitest party we've had!  Lakin didn't mind at all...thanks to everyone who made it! ;) The next party this year I WILL have lots of pictures from! It's Gavins last party (10's the cutoff (except for 16) for my kids), and I'm going to make it a good one! Lot's of effort going into this party...I'm excited!

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