Monday, August 1, 2011



That is the sound of me breathing in this hot,hot,HOT heat!!  My house ( being as poorly built and badly insulated as it is), with it's to small air conditioner, is pretty much a sauna..we are lucky to keep it at 80 degrees between 2 and 6 o' husbands job does have it's perks apparently, and a LOT of people are filling in their pools this year ( I think they are CRAZY!).  One such crazy person happened to be older and have a fiberglass pool. My husband, being the smart man that he sometimes is, decided to work out a deal so that we could have the pool. This lady was going to cover it with concrete and was thrilled with the idea of the kids getting use out of a deal was struck. :)  Now, it is pretty small...and after getting it here and putting it in, for the size, it seems like a LOT of work...however...the kids are loving it ( so am I) and it's helping to keep us cool through these dog days of summer...even if it is only 4ft deep :).  It's not really big enough for a lot of kids or a pool party, but it works for us...we'll make do.  Hope everyone is having a good summer.....can you believe it's almost over?!  Makes me much as I despise these days that I can't breath, I'm definitely not ready for summer to be over! I'll take these 115 degree days over snow and ice any day!

p.s....yes, those are MY cherries...aren't they pretty?! There will probably be some more popping up...I've been taking some pictures of fruit for picture ideas I have for the new house's kitchen ;)

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