Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hope everyone had a great wknd!  I want to start out this post by saying how sad I am for the town of Joplin, MO and everyone affected by the tornado that went through there last night.  I just can't quite wrap my head around all of the devastation that has happened over the past couple of weeks from these tornado' heart breaks every time I see an article or picture.  This particular picture that was posted on a Yahoo article this morning, really touched me, so I wanted to share.  I can't imagine what these people who have lost everything, many of them family or friends, are going through.  I wish I could be one of those volunteers that are there to help....all I can do is send my prayers...and I have been doing lots and lots of that.  

     I used to be fascinated by storms when I was younger...then I moved to a house surrounded by fields on 4 sides with no basement....and my fascination ended very,very quickly. I am now terrified of them! I don't sleep until they are over and keep a very close eye out...I am very grateful for the phone call we get from the weather service and my in-laws basement next door, even if we do get soaked trying to get to it!  I especially hate that all of the worst storms happen in the middle of the night...but I'm a VERY light sleeper when I know there is a chance of thunderstorms ( plus it helps that my walls are as thin as cardboard...I hear EVERYTHING!). I hope that we are all lucky enough to be spared any of these awful, awful tornado's and the destruction they are causing.'s Monday! :) I'm kidding...I have no reason to be excited about this day ( or any other actually).  I'm tired and I'm hoping this week Draaaaaaaggggggggsssssss by very, verrrrrrryyyyy slowly.  My Princess, my 1st girl, turns SIX on Saturday!!!  This ( like all of my kids birthdays) bothers me deeply. Six is officially a "kid"....5 is still a baby to me.  It doesn't help that she's so much more mature than Gavin was at almost's like she's a preteen already....sob ;(  Also, this is the last week of of now, officially 4 more days of relative sanity. I'm pretty sure I may not survive the summer without a Valium prescription.....I'm serious.  Can I send them all to summer camp?? Our  calendar is much to empty for husband really should allow us to spend these 8 wks on vacation.  A summer house sounds like something we need...he can visit on the wknds!!! :)  if anyone is aware of local things happening this summer, please let me know so I can curb this "boredom" that is sure to envelope our home within 2 days of summer break. Spending long days at the pool sounds great, but with only 1 of me and 3 of just can't happen.  As much as I hate Vern's plans of putting this pond in, I sure wish it was finished so we could swim in it this summer! Sigh.......

    Anyway, I have done as I far and have done my weekly blogging...not caught up yet, but at this rate I might not get behind again! :) Have a great week everyone!

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