Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up.....again

Gosh....I feel like every time I post a blog, I'm doing a million at once so I can get caught up...but then I don't "keep"up!!! :)  Of course, now that the weather is warming up, the camera will be getting a LOT of use...birthday parties, swimming,vacations....etc. I'm REALLY going to try to put out one or two blogs a week instead of 20 at one time each month!

I'm also sort of semi-obsessed with other people's blogs right now (especially foodie blogs)....and although I'm no where near as witty as these other bloggers, and not blog savvy enough to make mine more attractive ( i'd like to add an email subscription option...but have NO idea how), I'm thinking of taking a page from their books and adding more than just our family pictures. But then again...there's a good chance that a thought is all it will be. :) However, don't be surprised if you see a random post with a book or movie review or recipes popping day I could decide to join the millions of others out there  and take this blogging thing to the next level!

p.s....I will change the header picture sometime this summer!!! I just have to get my angels to cooperate enough for me to get a picture with all of them!

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