Monday, May 23, 2011

April 17,2011

 The night of Emma's Birthday party, Jami's 3 kids spent the night.  This was the first time Ava has stayed over without Jami here. Lakin had went home with mom, so it was only 5 kids...not to bad ;)  Actually, it was fine. The kids are all usually pretty well behaved when they are together and with Lakin gone the drama was at a minimum and with Jami not here, Ava was perfect!  By the time everyone had left from the party, (emma was nap!) the babies were only up for about another hour, which was past their bedtime anyway....they pretty much crashed. I wish I would have pulled out my camera for their sleepover..but I was pretty pooped, too.

     We spent most of the day on Sunday outside and I tried to get some pictures of the girls together, but when one sits still, the other one moves....pretty much impossible anymore. :)  I was able to get one really good shot of Miss Ava (it only took ALL morning and 100 tries), and it wasn't easy...that baby never stops moving!!! She's definitely not interested in having her picture taken....neither is Emma, but she doesn't move quite as fast as

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great pics you should go pro