Thursday, December 30, 2010

"The Tree" 2010

So my poor little Christmas tree was laughed at this year by a very mean, heartless person (ahem...JAMI). I will admit, it's getting on in years and was bought on a very tight budget all those years ago. Maybe it does need to give up it's place in front of our window to a newer more full tree...but the kids still had fun decorating it and were very proud of themselves ( I'm not ashamed to say I dream of a tree that is ONLY for ME to decorate!!). Maybe next year will bring a replacement....or maybe I'll even brave this dreaded, much hated cold, and venture out to get a real one...maybe ;) For now, the ornaments will be removed and the tree will be put back in it's much used ( makeshift boat, plane and train) box for storage...and I'll share these pictures that make having a tree that may be lacking just a little....not matter at all. <3

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