Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random August Pictures

My gosh!! Can you believe it's ALREADY September?? Where did the summer go? Of course, it doesn't help that we probably had a total of two weeks of hot weather, only went to the pool two times and the beach didn't even open until the end of July with all of the rain we had.....terrible. My kids just passed through a whole season and it just flashed before my eyes....just like that. Gone. We didn't even go to a fair this summer...which we do every year, it's kind of one of the events that marks summer for us. It doesn't help that they raised the prices this year...but my kids did nothing worth remembering......I'm a bad mom:( Next year we ARE going on vacation with the a beach....with our own little ( or big) house......for a week!!! maybe over the 4th since Vern has decided our parties aren't happening anymore. I could handle fireworks on a beach:) I think we should make it a family would be fun!! If anyone wants to go, you should mention it so when I start looking, I know how big of a house to look for...I'm thinkin Carolina's. Ahhhhhhh......sounds amazing;)

Anyway, here are my normal end-of-month pictures. I still can't get video to upload for whatever reason, but I won't give up!!!

Lakin now thinks she has to pose for every picture:)
Poor Bella....this is Emma's signature hold for her....hopefully she learns to run away soon!

This is Bella....our ( Lakin's) new cat. Vern walked out one Saturday morning and saw that Shatzie had her up a tree....he should have never let the kids see her;) Needless to say....she's now a member of the family.

These next few pictures are from jami's grandma's 70th birthday party.......

Silly girl...
Not really sure what is going on here..I think it's some sort of hug??awwwwwwww......

"oohhh..... I like your shoes!!"

I'm not really sure why Vern is so red in pictures..he doesn't look quite this red in real life?? Oh, and my camera was on the wrong setting, if your wondering why the color is off in these photos.

Gavin's SECOND day of school....the bus came early on the first, so I didn't have time to get a picture;(

These are some old pictures that just showed up on an old memory card....her dad did this to her:)

These pictures are of our one trip to the beach this year

This is my sexy new boyfriend who likes to swim in his unders on public beaches....he's HOT, huh??

They are playing patty-cake:)

My professor:)

Daddy makin an Emma face.........

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