Monday, September 28, 2009

jami's Bahelerette party- Chicago

Chicago.......I can't really say much about it, actually, because we saw virtually none of it;( jami and I are already in the pre-planning stages of another trip....but for a whole weekend. For those of you who don't know...we went to Chicago for Jami's bach. party on the 12th. There is a "show" at a bar called Excalibur and it sounded like a lot of fun, and we wanted something a little different.....well.....I don't know about different, but it wasn't exactly what we planned on, that's for sure! The trip down was a blast, as most trips to a place usually are.....we had to stop on EVERY exit because Jami has serious bladder issues ( it's called Red Bull), we played music really loud, had lots of reactions to my van, which wasn't very surprising since there were words like " rock out with your cock out" and a "rocket" that was exploding;). One person nearly flashed a cop, GPS didn't show that almost EVERY exit in Chicago was closed ( remember bladder issues) and Jami was very grateful to have a big cup!!!! We did eventually make it to the hotel, which was actually very nice. Rachel and I made a liquor store trip, we all got ready, which was also fun, and Jami pulled out her inner Penny over a taxi ......but we got one and we made it to the bar. The show was okay....the MC was funny ( even if he was trying a little to hard to be like eminem), the dancers were gross, which we sort of expected, and all of the girls were really......strange.....After the show, we drank a lot really quickly;) and headed downstairs....only to run in to a rather large crowd of gay men and hookers.....not kidding. One thing they don't mention on the site is that after the ladies only show the bar Not that any of us were looking for guys, but we weren't really planning on going to a gay bar.......we want to at least get noticed....and not just to be told my dress is cute!!!! We made the best of it however, until about midnight ( the show started at 7). Two of us were being NO fun at all and wanted to go back to the hotel, one of us was so drunk she wouldn't have made it anywhere...regardless of what she said, two of us wanted to go to a different, less-gay, bar, and one of us was down for whatever but for some reason wanted to go to the Sheraton (sp?). We ended up back at the hotel;( We didn't do anything on Sunday morning...I think everyone was ready to go home...which was a lot less exciting than going there!!

So....a few things I learned.....
Bubble Gum Vodka and long car rides don't really mix well....but it sure does make it fun!! ( don't worry I wasn't drinking;)!!)
- Cab drivers are CRAZY and don't care if they kill you...and their van's smell like fart
- Hotdogs have foreskin
- Some of us REALLY can't handle our liquor, but are a lot of fun:)
- sidewalks aren't for using the potty
- " I kissed a girl and I liked it" song played through my head all night after hearing it ( hehehehhe!!!!)
- and gay bars are not really very much fun when your not gayRight before leaving....Nasty...nasty...NASTY!!!!!!!We were kidding here.......Who would have thought??!!!:):):)Jami's sister KristiRachelStacyWe don't clean up to bad!!jami pouting because we lost her garter...which was in front of the T.V.Our cab driver being proud of his country....scary!!!!!!!hmmmmmmmmm.......

This is My Weena....affectionately named by jami:) He did buy quite a few of our drinks!!

Rachel like to play under tables...........



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